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The Next Apple will be Found in LED Lighting

Even Steve Job’s former counsel Randall Sosnick is betting on LEDs. Now CEO of NEXT Lighting, he’s producing highly-innovative, reliable and affordable LED replacements for commercial florescent lighting, which are commonly T8 tubes. Just as the iPhone did for mobile computing, NEXT Lighting’s innovative design can serve as a platform for a new wave of lighting applications without the need to completely replace fixtures. At the same time, Cree has managed to get its consumer LED bulbs down below $10 a piece and Phillips isn’t far behind. These are just a few of the many market convergences that indicate the tipping point for LEDs is here and about to gain mass market appeal rapidly.

NEXT Lighting unveils the NEXTSense™ family of occupancy controls

The NEXTSense family of sensors and controls integrate seamlessly with NEXT Lighting’s NEXTDriver™ and NEXTLamp™ line of LED linear fluorescent replacement products. “Our products were already designed to work well with third-party 0-10V controls,” said Dr. Tom Katona, VP of Products. “Our customers were hungry for an easy to implement, cost-effective way to take advantage […]