A smart control-compatible solution for your office.

Easy ROIs

Energy savings of up
to 50% with increased
light levels.

A cool, maintenance-free
lighting solution that will
outlast your servers.

  • Different by Design: NEXT Lighting Evolves it’s NEXTLamp Linear Retrofit Lamps

    Lighting News – 06/03/2014 – NEXT Lighting continues to evolve its NEXTLamp and NEXTDriver for linear retrofit installations and is has launched its new line of products. See NEWS for full article…

  • Puget Sound Business Journal – Let There Be (LED) Light

    Let There Be (LED) Light: Company opens facilities in Seattle, Woodinville.

    Nitze-Stagen Capital Partners on Monday announced it has completed early-stage financing for a lighting company that is moving its manufacturing operations to Woodinville and opening an office in Seattle.

  • The Seattle Times: LED Lighting Firm Is VC Effort’s First Recruit

     A young company that makes solid-state LED lighting to replace traditional fluorescent tubes has moved here after landing more than $1 million from a new local venture-capital fund.  NEXT Lighting created an LED lamp with lighting controls that can be retrofitted into current fixtures… See NEWS for full story

  • NEXT Lighting Selected for GSA’s 2014 Green Proving Ground Program

    NEXT Lighting Corp.is pleased to announce the inclusion of the NEXTLamp™ in the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Green Proving Ground (GPG) program. See NEWS for the whole story…